From Oct 2016 to now in University of Leicester
I am a lecturer and have contributed to:
MS7042 Researching the Online world
MS7004 Media and Communication Research Methods
MS7047 Introduction to Advertising and Media
MS7332 Real World Research

From January 2012 to May 2016:
Teaching Assistant and Course Tutor in Sociology and Social Statistics (CMISt), University of Manchester

Q-Step Dissertation Support for 3rd year UG students

Postgraduate Course:

Introduction to Quantitative Methods (IQM) (using SPSS)

Understanding Big Data

1st year Undergraduate courses:

Media, Culture and Society

British Society in a Globalising World

2nd year Undergraduate courses:

Qualitative Social Research Design & Methods

New Media

Education & Society

Racism & Ethnicity in the UK

Teaching assistant for University College for Interdisciplinary Learning, University of Manchester

Figuring out Society: Data in the News

Teaching assistant for Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMISt) short courses :

Foundation Skills for Data Analysis (using SPSS)

Forecasting Methods and Models

Social Media Data Analysis – Researching YouTube and Twitter


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