About Yimei

I am a lecturer in School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester. I teach and support a range of modules in relation to media and communication research methods and digital advertising. Before taking up the lectureship, I worked as a research associate with Dr Giuseppe A. Veltri on social identity change under the socio-economic crisis within European societies. Previously I worked as a post-doc research associate for Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis, University of Manchester. I have taught over 10 Sociology and quantitative & qualitative research methods courses to UG and PG students in UOM. I worked on Q-step projects advising 3rd year UG students with their dissertation using quantitative analysis. I am also a freelance consultant on Chinese social media.

I completed my PhD in Sociology, funded by School of Social Science, University of Manchester at June 2015. I finished my MA in Sociology in 2010 and continued my PhD with supervisor Professor Rob Procter (who left to Warwick University in Feb 2013). My two supervisors were Professor Martin Everett and Dr. Kingsley Purdam.

My PhD thesis “Do the new forms of scholarly communication provide a pathway to open science?“, investigates how UK academics support open science and how they communicate and disseminate their research.

I received a Master Degree in Film Studies from University of Reading. I enjoy doing empirical research and using various quantitative and qualitative methods. I love teaching and speaks Mandarin!

I have worked on two projects of creating and maintaining accounts for two UK universities (Durham University and Aston University) on the most popular Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. I was successful getting both accounts verified and helped the two universities communicate and interact with prospective and existing Chinese students.

Outside work, I love traveling, hiking, outdoors, scuba-diving, badminton and hip-hop music.

My other homes:

Facebook: Yimei Zhu


University Website: http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/media/people/yimei-zhu

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