Have a go at green #openaccess

18 02 2013

So we are PhD students and we don’t have any formal publication yet! But we do spend a lot of time writing drafts and articles. How can we let people read our paper in a timely manner rather than waiting for two years when we can finally get our work published in a peer-reviewed journal?

There are many ways to do so with the help from blogs, institutional repository, Twitter and many other new media tools out there.

I’ve looked at the open-access movement as part of my research objects. The gold open-access refers to open access journals which often asks for high amount of author fees and it still takes time to publish. The green open-access refers to scholar works being deposited in open-access repositories. In my university, we have Manchester eScholar which we can deposit published articles, conference paper and working paper by open-access if we choose so.

I finally got around to deposit my conference paper on Manchester eScholar today. I also added the title and link on Academia.edu. While I do get a few students and others googling me which Academia.edu informed me every time someone googled me and clicked on my Academia.edu page link. Now they can see my paper and get to know my work better!

My paper ‘Use of blogs, Twitter and Facebook by PhD Students for Scholarly Communication: A UK study’ can be accessed at http://www.escholar.manchester.ac.uk/item/?pid=uk-ac-man-scw:187789 if anyone is interested!