When technology goes wrong at presentation #phdchat

17 10 2012


I recently gave a presentation in Methods Fair organised by Methods@ Manchester.  My topic is “Why I use mixed-methods to research scholarly communication and academic use of social media”. It’s a one day event of many workshops and poster presentations for new PhD students from universities all over the country. My talk is about my methods for my PhD project, which incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methods. I had a PowerPoint presentation of 24 pages. Unfortunately, the PowerPoint went funny and kept running through by itself and wouldn’t go back to the page I wanted. I guess that this was because I was rehearsing timings and probably accidently clicked ‘use rehearsed timings’.  In that moment when I was in front of 20 people who were all looking at me, I had to stop the slide show and used ‘normal’ mode which the main screen was smaller than ‘slide show’ mode.  I don’t know if the audience could see the slides clearly in ‘normal’ mode, but it’s definitely a lesson learnt and to be improved next time! The slides for this presentation is accessible at http://www.methods.manchester.ac.uk/events/2012-10-10/documents/YimeiZhu.pdf





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