Using Nvivo10 to capture social media data

2 08 2012

I attended the PGR student conference in School of Education, organised by Methods Manchester today. Although I’m a Sociology PhD student, there are many interesting workshops and talks that could benefit my research. I was very impressed by Elizabeth Wiredu and her Nvivo 10 training session. It was fun and easy to understand how Nvivo was used to code and analyse qualitative data. Moreover, the new version of Nvivo 10 has added the function of generating social media data by clicking ‘NCapture’. It is a new tool in Nvivo 10 that can capture data from Twitter (such as search of # theme), YouTube and so on. If you are social media researchers like me, who are still trying out all those fancy tools out there that may make our life a lot easier, try Nvivo 10. They have a free trial of 30 days. My university said they have bought the software and are looking into this, and hopefully will install in all university computers soon! Fingers crossed!

There other tool I know which can analyse Twitter and YouTube data is NodeXL. For Twitter, it generates the nodes of users (by search a particular user or a hashtag that have been tweeted) and can visualize the network of users. On the other hand, Nvivo 10 captures all the conversation by searching a topic and generates text based qualitative data.

The University of Manchester have regular training courses for Nvivo (organised by Methods Manchester) and NodeXL (by CCSR) if anyone is interested!



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